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Author Topic: Mac Pro Firmware Upgrade Utility Released!  (Read 2243152 times)
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« Reply #1200 on: July 08, 2018, 08:43:01 PM »

I hope this forum isn't dead. lol

I need to downgrade my original 4,1 (that was upgraded to 5,1 via FW update tool) reason being need to warranty it out the system for an unrelated problem.

The only thing is it keeps failing to downgrade

Current FW is MP51.0087.B00 that was supplied with High Sierra FW update

I downloaded the patched version of the FW tool,852.msg31640.html#msg31640

I still kept getting a 5570 error.

I think I have an idea whats going on, I Believe I have to downgrade to MP51.007F.B03 and then to MP41.0081.B07?

or can it go MP51.0087.B00 right to MP41.0081.B07?

Okay so under OSX High Sierra, i downloaded both FW packaged from Apple 1.4 & 1.5 with the DMG mounted to the desktop the patched FW utility was able to create a ramdisk and said to shut down.

I did the whole flash procedure (hold power button till light flashes & deep beep) however something isn't right, the apple logo appears and the flash progress bar appears but it goes from 0% instantly 100% (I'm talking blink and you'll miss it) and nothing happens afterward. If I shut down and reboot, firmware is still MP51.0087.B00

Remember I'm trying to DOWNGRADE, yes, I'm using all the original OEM hardware CPU/GPU.

I don't know whats keeping it from flashing or at this point its even possible anymore.

I saved the contents of the ramdisk before I shut it down to attempt the flash

Perhaps someone could help shine some light on this.
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« Reply #1201 on: July 09, 2018, 11:24:50 AM »

Have you tried using official Apple Firmware Restoration CD?

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« Reply #1202 on: October 07, 2018, 08:10:48 AM »

Hey guys,
I'm having problem to rollback the firmware of my Mac Pro 5.1 2010, from MP51.0089.B00 EFI to MP51.007F.B03. Is there a way to make it possible, and, if i choose the downgrade to 4.1 with the help of the firmware upgrade utility, it will not brick my Mac?
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« Reply #1203 on: October 22, 2018, 03:02:57 PM »

I could not get the firmware updater tool to work. Error 5570 then Error 5530.

So I hacked the scripts within the tool and ran them directly. I now have a MacPro 2009 which reports Model Identifier: MacPro5,1

Root problem: you need to have BOTH the 2010 and 2009 EFI upgrader disk images available so this tool can prepare both the upgrade and downgrade paths. And the tool no longer seems to be capable of downloading them (or at least not for me and anyone else getting the 5530 error). Digging into the compiled .scpt file inside the tool, it's pretty clear what is wrong. But the script is run-only compiled and I can't fix it directly.

So I manually downloaded them and then had to hack the subsidiary shell scripts embedded in the Firmware Tool app and run them directly by hand.

Here's what I did:

0/ Reboot in recovery mode and disable SIP (Recovery mode, Terminal,  csrutil disable ). Reboot again.

1/ Download *both* EFI updater packages from Apple

2/ Use DiskUtility to convert each disk image to a new read/write image

3/ Mount the first image for the 2009 firmware. Rename the mounted disk to Mac Pro EFI Update 2009

4/ Mount the second image for the 2010 firmware. Rename the mounted disk to Mac Pro EFI Update 2010

5/ Run the netkas forum Mac Pro 2009-2010 Firmware
(it will fail, but it will create the RamDisk)

6/ Hack the script buried in my ~/Downloads/Mac Pro 2009-2010 Firmware directory with this new version:

pushd /Volumes/RamDisk

# we mounted the EFI update disk image manually
# hdiutil attach -nobrowse EFI2010.dmg
pkgutil --expand '/Volumes/Mac Pro EFI Update 2010/MacProEFIUpdate.pkg' Expanded
cp Expanded/MacProEFIUpdate.pkg/Payload Payload
tar -xf Payload
mkdir MacProEFI2010-2009
mkdir MacProEFI2009-2010
cp 'System/Library/CoreServices/Firmware Updates/MacProEFIUpdate15/EFIUpdaterApp2.efi' MacProEFI2010-2009
cp 'System/Library/CoreServices/Firmware Updates/MacProEFIUpdate15/MP51_007F_03B_LOCKED.fd' MacProEFI2009-2010/MP41_0081_07B_LOCKED.fd
rm -R Applications
rm -R Expanded
rm -R System
rm Payload
hdiutil detach '/Volumes/Mac Pro EFI Update/'

# we mounted the EFI update disk image manually
# hdiutil attach -nobrowse EFI2009.dmg
pkgutil --expand '/Volumes/Mac Pro EFI Update 2009/MacProEFIUpdate.pkg' Expanded
cp Expanded/MacProEFIUpdate.pkg/Payload Payload
tar -xf Payload
cp 'Applications/Utilities/Mac Pro EFI Firmware' MacProEFI2009-2010
cp 'Applications/Utilities/Mac Pro EFI Firmware' MacProEFI2010-2009/MP51_007F_03B_LOCKED.fd
rm -R Applications
rm -R Expanded
rm -R System
rm Payload
hdiutil detach '/Volumes/Mac Pro EFI Update/'


patch /Volumes/RamDisk/MacProEFI2009-2010/EfiUpdaterApp2.efi EfiUpdater2009.patch
patch /Volumes/RamDisk/MacProEFI2010-2009/EfiUpdaterApp2.efi EfiUpdater2010.patch

7/ Then run the script directly. Using terminal:

cd ~/Downloads/Mac\ Pro\ 2009-2010\ Firmware\

8/ Shutdown then power on and hold down the power button. Don't let it go. You'll hear the beep indicating EFI update, then it will reboot again. Keep the button down. In my case, the CD drive popped out. I waited a while, then pushed the CD drive back in. Eventually, I got bored and let the power button go. A little while later it rebooted again. Maybe even one more time.

9/ Login, check all is well with System Info.

10/ Reboot into Recovery mode again, enable SIP (Terminal, csrutil enable). Reboot

I'm pretty sure I captured all of that correctly. Hope this helps others.

(If anyone knows how to contact the original author of the update tool or can get the source, I'd happily fix it)

I was getting 5570 error code but finally was able to upgrade by upgrading 4,1 firmware to latest version and by then using above procedure.  System now reboots to white screen for Mavericks drive or to Apple and progress bar which does not move for High Sierra SSD.

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« Reply #1204 on: October 22, 2018, 06:16:32 PM »

Never mind.  Turned out to be a bad 16GB RAM module or slot.

All is good!

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« Reply #1205 on: January 03, 2019, 01:33:06 AM »

Hello all  -

Thanks in advance for starting this thread and developing the firmware tool to make things easier for people.

I've followed the instructions, but can't seem to get my early 2009 MacPro to update to 5,1. I'm running El Capitain 10.11.6

I came to this method by way of this article...

...and am using these steps below, to no avail....

Updating the Firmware
More research uncovered that it is actually possible to update the 2009 Mac Pro firmware to the one used by the 2010/2012 Mac Pros. This proved to be a little tricky, but easily doable using these steps:

Boot into safe mode and disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) on OS X 10.11 El Capitan by running this command in the Terminal:
csrutil disable
Boot back into your regular account.
Download the firmware update from Apple and open the DMG to mount it in the Finder.
Download the (unsupported by Apple) 3rd party Updater Tool to apply this firmware update.
Run the Updater Tool, which recognized the mounted DMG, rebooted and applied the firmware update.
Check that everything works and then boot info safe mode and enable SIP:
csrutil enable

....any idea why things might no be working or what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks again!


a screenshot of my current system report after trying this firmware update 3 or 4 times

* Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 7.29.38 PM.png (117.98 KB, 762x530 - viewed 1016 times.)

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« Reply #1206 on: February 25, 2019, 03:02:31 PM »

I hope I am in the correct forum for this question. To recap, i have a 4,1 that has gone all the way to 5,1, flashed to the point, but I held off loading mojave. As my mac pro was only 6 core, I bought a tray with dual delidded 3.45 cpu's, with the advice that it came from a mojave running mac pro. I removed my 6 core tray and inserted the dual cpu 12core tray, but nothing no power up no lights nothing. So I removed the tray and cleaned the CPU's applying a good bead of arctic silver on both CPU's. Inserted and nothing, so tightened the screws slightly and did this 4 times each getting nothing. So my question is :  As the tray came from mojave and the owner said he heard the mojave firmware chime, does the firmware on the tray have to match the mac pro efi flashed firmware ie i have but if he had mojave 14.3 does this flash the firmware to - therefore leaving a mismatch.I am not even sure there is a firmware but I have read the 14.2 and 14.3 mojave versions each have a firmware increase (I sincerely hope this is true) - OR have I a dead tray - in which case I have a pair of 3.45 delidded cpu's that are for selling on. One very strange thing the sellar told me was that he had two 8gb ram chips that he put in slot 1 and 5 to make the tray work (is this even possible?). Your help and advice would be appreciated
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« Reply #1207 on: February 28, 2019, 01:45:20 AM »

The most recent Mac Pro BootROM is, from 10.14.2. Apple is testing, to be released probably with 10.14.4. There isn't a relation between the BootROM firmware version and macOS version, the two things are not related.

You probably have a dead tray, dead Xeons or incorrectly installed Xeons - firmware has nothing to do with your problem. Trays don't have BootROMs.
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« Reply #1208 on: October 22, 2019, 12:13:54 AM »

I'm hoping there is someone out there that can help me or walk me through steps or just give me advice. I have a 2009 MacPro that was successfully updated to the 5.1 firmware ages ago (I think I did it in 2012 maybe earlier). I would like to put the computer up for sale. It has upgraded ram and CPU thanks to that firmware update. My question is what will happen if the new user is to update to Catalina OSX or an OSX newer than Mountain Lion... Is there anyone on this forum that wants to buy this great computer or can suggest a good place to sell it. Sellyourmac is offering $380 (I feel like that is low, not sure if that is a good price?) and allowed me to select the 'upgraded' CPU I have but they wipe it clean and reset it to factory condition and I fear it may not work when they do that (does that reset the efi firmware back also? I don't want the new user to install the latest OSX and then can't even boot the computer (I'm not sure that is what would happen - so maybe someone can help explain that part?). Is the 5.1 permanent despite upgrading to future OSX upgrades or does new firmware come with an upgrade potentially causing this computer to not work? If so, can you just run the same firmware update each time or is there other steps? Basically I did this a long long time ago. Haven't used the computer in ages (was for studio recording). I have a son now and am getting tight on money so wanted to let it go to someone who could get more use out of it! Any help WOULD BE greatly APPRECIATED!

Thanks Jack

These are the specs on computer:

Early 2009
3.33 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon
32GB RAM 1333 Mhz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB
Currently on 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)

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« Reply #1209 on: October 22, 2019, 06:51:08 PM »

For people with slow RAM on an early Mac Pro: I've read advices that it is best to use only six memory sticks (three on every board) because the processors just have three memory lines. To address more, the lines have to be multiplexed which makes them slower. I have a Supermicro server board which also uses the 5100 Nothbridge, and it only has six memory ports. Maybe they knew why.
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« Reply #1210 on: December 07, 2019, 04:38:45 PM »

My 4,1 to 5,1 experience
I got a 4,1 for USD 100 on the net.
It had a Xeon W3520 and 4 GB 1066 MHz memory.
Firmware upgrade from 4,1 to 5,1 was straightforward.
I upgraded to Xeon W3690 and 24 GB 1333 MHz memory. Some USD 50+50.
After these upgrades I upgraded Mac OS X from 10.10.5 to 10.13.6 (High Sierra).

I used Geekbench 4 to benchmark.

Geekbench 4, before upgrade:
Single-Core Score: 2470, Multi-Core Score: 8340

Geekbench 4, after upgrade:
Single-Core Score: 3189, Multi-Core Score: 15358

Improvements, if you like:
Single-Core Score: +29,1%
Multi-Core Score: +84,1%

Now I am looking for a Metal-capable graphics card so I can upgrade to Mojave or Catalina.

One problem
A problem I had with installing 10.13, High Sierra was that it first would not allow me to do the necessary firmware upgrade, before installation. I had an old Apple monitor and when I replaced it with a later Apple monitor the upgrade of the firmware and then also installation of 10.13 could be done.

I have seen much faster results than mine on Geekbench, e.g. 5000 (singel core) with MacPro5,1 with Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 3408 MHz (4 cores).
Is that a "true" 5,1? What is the fastest processor I can use in my 4,1, upgraded to 5,1?
I would appreciate suggestions for a reasonably priced Metal-capable graphics card. Anyone?

Thank you MacEFIRom and everyone else for great achievements to get mac's to live longer! Smiley

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