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Author Topic: Original Mac ATI HD 2600 XT not seen in OS-X..after flash with original firmware  (Read 4632 times)
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« on: December 15, 2013, 12:40:42 PM »

Have a pair of Mac ATI HD 2600XT's.
They were bought with the machine
Replaced one with a PC HD 4870  flashed the firmware and all worked.

But then I started tinkering with the original Mac ATI HD 2600 XT

Thought I'd try to over-clock the ATI2600..just a little

Worked in Win XP Boot Camp...but not OS-X i re flashed the original firmware
But now still won't work in OS-X.  Here is full order of work:

Boot in Boot Camp XP
GPU-Z save original firmware
Open firmware in RBE to overclock the card
ATIWinflash to re flash the card
Reboot to Win XP...all good..card working

Boot to OS-X...card not working..not even visible in System Profiler.

Boot back to Boot Camp.
Reflash original firmware back to card

Card still not visible in OS-X.

Have not tried multiple attempts to re flash the card with original firmware

Even with original firmware it is bricked for OS-X but still works fine with any firmware in Windows Boot Camp
Tried another copy of original firmware..still no joy

Swapped the 'bricked' card out for the second spare ATI 2600..
Slot 2 works fine with second it is card issue.

any ideas?

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