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Author Topic: Hi! Im new + GTX570 + 2009 Mac pro  (Read 5314 times)

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« on: December 02, 2013, 04:46:01 AM »

Hello everyone!

I am new the the forum here and I wanted to say hello.

Also, im not sure if im asking something completely stupid or not, but after doing about an hours worth of googling ive not been able to ascertain if there is a RAM/method for getting my PC based GTX 570 (Enthousiasts edition) to work on my Mac Pro 4,1 + Mavericks.

Previously I had been using a Mac-made GTX 285 and it has been great, but lately the screens would just go blank during GPU intensive things - ive even tried using istat to boost the fans to max and it still had this issue.  A friend of mine offered this PNY GTX 570 for $100 as he just bought the top of the line Nvidia card so I figured: what the heck, ill try it.

The machine of course boots up ok, but you dont see the boot screen since it lacks EFI firmware - most games play ok, but the card doesnt perform as well as the 285, some of the research I did on the interwebs indicates that this is also due to an issue where the PCIE slot is not operating at 2.0.

Any help/advice is appreciated, im a systems engineer by trade and I am hapy to be as technical as is needed.


Sorry if this has already been answered, I did search the forum but I didnt find anything that seems to fit.
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