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Author Topic: MacVidCards looking for development partners / licensees  (Read 4261 times)
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« on: January 03, 2013, 09:54:46 AM »

Got a bunch of commercial work and writing projects coming up.

And frankly a little tired of having to create ALL of the new Nvidia cards. (Courtesy of Nvidia providing the drivers)

Most of the other Ebay crowd is a bunch of clueless hacks whose sole contribution has been trying to get my name out of the System profiler.

Looking for someone with some scruples and a brain. I've got a fleet of 450/460/550/560 roms but not enough time to bother selling them. I had someone who was going to do it but he has not found the time.

So if you have a brain and would like to help the Mac community while making a few dollars, please PM me. You need to have some form of retail presence; Ebay, Amazon, or website with other Mac products. I could also use someone in LA area who can do website work.

What I really need is someone with enough brains to do some hex work, I can explain basics of how these roms work, but there is a fair amount of trial and error involved. Lots of testing and reflashing when things don't work. It is possible to figure out just about anything, but you need to understand what it means to be scientific. (ie, only change 1 thing at a time and keep notes)

There is a tremendous potential in MXM cards for the iMacs that take them. I am 99% certain that many really interesting cards could be made to work, but sadly very little actual effort has been put into this. Obviously you need a lab with space to work on these things, but there is a fair amount of demand for these cards and very few sources. Both ATI and Nvidia cards could potentially be made to work, but my understanding of monitor definitions is much better with Nvidia cards.

The Kepler cards are on Horizon. 650/660/670/680 will all soon be possible. I have already been testing with EFI from rMBP and iMac. If you fit all of this and understand what "integrity" and "personal responsibility" are, PM me.

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