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Author Topic: HD 2400 No QE/CI/res change  (Read 11744 times)

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« on: September 18, 2008, 07:58:36 PM »

I have a PCI version of the HD2400 with pci_id = 0x94cc.  I have Leo4All 10.5.2/updated with LeopardGraphicsUpdate1.0.dmg.  The furthest I've come is by using the installer "ATI Radeon HD 2400pro" dated May29 from
I have added 0x94cc in ATIRadeonX2000.kext. 

DMESG shown below:
Darwin Kernel Version 9.2.0: Sun Mar  2 00:35:29 SCT 2008; made by ToH:xnu-1228/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386
display: family specific matching fails
Alkor: Starting.
choosed model Alkor Says Not supported by R600
Alkor: Required dictionaries not found in plist

Here is system profiler:

  Type:   Display
  Bus:   PCIe
  PCIe Lane Width:   x1
  VRAM (Total):   256 MB
  Vendor:   ATI (0x1002)
  Device ID:   0x94cc
  Revision ID:   0x0000
  Kernel Extension Info:   No Kext Loaded
  Resolution:   1024 x 768
  Depth:   32-bit Color
  Core Image:   Software
  Main Display:   Yes
  Mirror:   Off
  Online:   Yes
  Quartz Extreme:   Not Supported
  QuartzGL:   Supported

Please advise on how to correctly support CI/QE/resolution change natively...
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