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Author Topic: I want a boot screen!  (Read 9648 times)
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« on: November 17, 2018, 06:54:53 AM »

Hey guys,

So I want to get a boot screen going for myself. I suppose the traditional method is flashing a card with MAC EFI64 compatible firmware, although I have some other ideas that I wanted to explore. I swear I read before about the possibility of using an alternative bootloader to achieve bootscreens, this is something I'd be willing to try. I would like to be able to boot Windows natively and possibly Linux although I have a big XenServer for that stuff. I would also like my OS X boot screens and firmware access back.

I was wondering with this new stuff for hacking the ROM for NVMe support that wouldn't it also be possible to inject drivers to initialize a graphics card that has UEFI instead of having to flash the graphics card? Boot screens for everyone w/out flashing cards? Just have to update our boot roms? Or is the part we're able to modify now not the right part? Is the "boot rom" we are updating actually the EFI rom..? if so, then I don't see why this wouldn't be possible?!

Aside from that, down the tangent of flashing the card instead, I had a 1,1 that I flashed to a 2,1, and had a FX4500 (might have been a 4600, I had one of each) that I flashed with EFI32 MAC rom for boot screens.

Now I have a 3,1 but there's no EFI64 rom for said card. Also, I can't seem to find any rom for any of my cards, I do have a bunch.

I was wondering if there is instructions/information somewhere about how to create my own ROM for one of my cards.

I have a bunch of cards
Apple PowerMac G5 Video Card 128mb 6600GT 631-0064 630-7132 (lol, I think this one is the one that doesn't post, I just realized why now that I looked up the ID, had no idea what card this was..wierd that it doesn't have the wide port for the old cinema display like my other g5 card does)
Apple 630-7876 GeForce 7300gt PCI Express 256mb Graphics Card (efi32?)
Quadro FX4500 (I think this is the one I flashed with efi32, maybe the 4600 was)
Quadro FX4600
AMD 3450
AMD 5450

Are the spares I can think of, I'm aware these cards are super old and useless, but if there's any way I can hack them for a boot screen, I would, even if they are only installed occasionally when I need a boot screen.

Currently installed:
Quadro 2000 (gf106 / fermi) -> currently in slot4, primary card
GeForce 560TI (gf114 / fermi) -> currently in slot3, primary card

Is there a ROM for FERMIs? I could check the Quadro2000's EEPROM size, I had luck before with my Quadro's EEPROM size for flashing but I wouldn't know what rom to use or how to hack one for myself, if someone can direct me to directions that would be great - I have searched and failed.

I'm really intrigued by the idea of modifying the bootrom for this purpose though. That would be stellar.

I am also willing to install a 3rd party bootloader if this would give me bootscreens under OS X and ability to natively boot other operating systems.

If I absolutely have to, I'll shell out for a MACVIDCARDS card maybe..although I did see someone say 2080 has boot screens maybe? but I don't know if I wanna spring for that much for a card anytime soon..

Unless someone has a EFI64 card they wanna ship me for a reasonable price, I don't care what it is as the 560/2000 combo is still half-decent for what I need it for until I can upgrade to a more modern card.

Thanks guys!#$

PS. If it is deemed possible to do the bootrom injection or something, I'm down to start trying/hacking/etc.. I do have a lifetime of software development and hacking experience..but I do not know enough about how the Mac Pro is structured in regards to it's EFI and ROMs to know if it's a possibility.
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« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2018, 11:21:26 AM »

I now also have a 960..

but no one wants to help Sad

only MVC seems to have roms :/

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« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2019, 10:56:38 PM »

Hello guys

Maybe someone have alredy an ready-made EFI64 VBIOS for nVidia Quadro K2000 or K2000D to use on Mac Pro 5.1 / Mojave ?
Anything working, but without boot screen.

Or maybe can help me integrate the Mac EFI Part in the ROM image ?

I attach 2 ROM Images, one for K2000D and another for K2000. The both cards are very similar, the only difference is:
K2000 = DVI + 2x DP
K2000D = 2x DVI + mDP

Thanks !

* (192.5 KB - downloaded 630 times.)
* NVIDIA.QuadroK2000.2048.120913.rom (192.5 KB - downloaded 656 times.)
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