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Author Topic: Radeon 7950 got UEFI but no Apple Boot Logo  (Read 5428 times)
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« on: August 02, 2018, 11:11:14 AM »

Hi everyone Smiley

Ive got problem with flashing IceQ Radeon 7950 (with 7850 and other PowerColor brand as well)

For the beginning I wish to say I've got some experience with successfully flashing 6000 series Radeons and.... the same looking model (because I know the might have different RAM brands - where I do not know if they have the same or not)) IceQ Radeon 7950 - which died playing Battlefield 1 Sad

Another thing is - I've bought both of them second hand and I do not know if sellers messed up with BIOS.

So - my problem is - when I flash my current 7950 I've got no Apple Boot Screen BUT GPUz app has "tick" it has UEFI (in Windows 7)

And now ALL MESS it is just beginning - I am unable to boot to macOS High Sierra (boot loop - do not see log in screen) - even on BIOS 2 which is I guess genuine IceQ (because it has switch) - I am only able to boot to Windows - when I flash it with BIOS from....... my dead Apple flashed IceQ 7950 - I have got Apple Boot Logo and I am able to boot to High Sierra...... BUT - fans are full on - in Windows 7 same - fans are full on.

I don't know if RAM modules on both 7950 were the same as I've sold dead 7950.

Dead 7950 was quiet in High Sierra and in Windows 7.

I don't want to live with High Sierra fans full on - or I cannot leave it without Apple Boot Screens as it is impossible to boot to macOS.

Other thing to say - when I was flashing my dead 7950 - I remember I had the same problem with no Apple Boot Screen on first time - then as I cannot remember what I was doing - but I think I renamed  'cardname.efi.rom' to just 1.rom and it worked - but this time not helped Sad

I thought file could be read only - but it is all fine with it.

Got no other ideas.


Additional informations:

I've just received Radeon 7950 but  brand PowerColor and got no Apple Boot Logo after flashing (but UEFI 'ticked' in GPUz) and 7850 2GB MSI - exactly the same - the only difference is - with PowerColor and MSI I am able to boot to macOS with "quiet" fans.

With those two (Power Color and MSI) after EFI flash I see in macOS in About This Mac - Graphics : Radeon 7xxx Series

I've done crazy things like dumping BIOS when AMD drivers installed and uninstalled (dumping BIOS from dead 7950 was working when no AMD drivers installed)

I've got separated Windows 7 disk where I am flashing it with win ATIFalsh (as other Radeons 6000 series) - macOS past I am doing on my iMac and transferring files on USB drive.

Terminal says:

./ --efifile=7950mac.efi --romfile=efiromheader.rom --originalrom=cardname.rom --devid=697a
running on 7950mac.efi, efiromheader.rom with devid 697a
Patching files 7950mac.efi, efiromheader.rom for device-id 0x697a
Successfully patched efi file
Successfully patched efi rom file

Orig Size = 125440
Comp Size = 47591
47591+0 records in
47591+0 records out
47591 bytes transferred in 0.262501 secs (181298 bytes/sec)
EFI part is ready at 697a.efipart.rom
orig size - 65536
65536+0 records in
65536+0 records out
65536 bytes transferred in 0.364552 secs (179771 bytes/sec)
OpRom (size=65536, indicator_offset=0x22d, indicator=0x80, checksum=0xff)
OpRom (size=48128, indicator_offset=0x31, indicator=0x80, checksum=0x0)
RawData (size=17408)

OpRom (size=65536, indicator_offset=0x22d, indicator=0x0, checksum=0x7f)
OpRom (size=48128, indicator_offset=0x31, indicator=0x80, checksum=0x7e)
RawData (size=17408)
the rom is ready at cardname.rom.efi.rom

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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2018, 11:07:02 PM »

You guys always make this 100% harder than it is.

Or more.

Not sure why this required a new SPECIAL thread when there is a long one in existence. Dig through that thread, I have detailed instructions that even a moron could follow.

This is the easiest, safest flash ever. (at least since ATI foolishly did an 8500 AGP update that flashed PC cards in OSX)

If you drink a cup of coffee, put your brain in gear, follow my past posts and THINK, you can do this.

Before asking a question, check your "Personal Settings" and be sure that you have "Brain Services" set to "On".
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« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2018, 10:26:53 AM »

Thank You Rominator for reply

Is it something connected with ""?  I got no confirmation script execute it? I've installed mac Phyton - and no changer to Terminal summary Sad

I would not create new tread if my case would not be crazy nor if I would not know (I think) what I am doing Sad

Don't know what I got wrong? Java version on MacBook? Radeon BIOS dumped when drivers installed? AMD drivers installed but not Sapphire or PowerColor?

I don't think it is problem because I dumped Radeon BIOS using GPUz or programmed with Win Ati Flash instead of DOS app
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« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2018, 11:40:40 AM »



(notice this is the device-id of your card which is 679a, NOT 697a as used in the example in the original post of this thread)

697a is NOT 679a!!!!!!!!
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