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Author Topic: Actually it's two, and it is "bizarr"  (Read 4179 times)
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« on: July 02, 2018, 11:11:59 AM »

so you mean that all sellers of this card on ebay, they have always the same mvc efi for their cards? it's kind of bizzar, I mean it cant be hundreds of them who bought the same card from mvc and use them to flash their own cards, and i will cant believe that there is only one genius on this world to do the thing.

Saw this on MR.

I'm as amazed as he.

2 people created all of the post GTX680 roms.

Florian has emailed me with enough comprehension that I know he could have done it if he had wanted. But nobody else.

All sorts of AMD stuff we never tried. So nobody tried it. It's right there, all sorts of wonderful things that could have happened. Everyone was so busy with Copy & Paste they never figured anything out for themselves.

Have a look, pirates et al, the text "UGA" is still in AMD EFI roms for Vega. Why?

You won't find answer via Copy & Paste. Get off your "let's make money off other people's work" ass and DO SOME TESTING AND RESEARCH.

We have posted info and tools to make AMD roms. I have personally answered the same questions 20 times each. Nobody wants to read more than 2 pages to flash their own card. We offer up AMD freebies, leave the Nvidia stuff alone.

last computer class I took was compiling fortran when I was 14. My degree is in TV Production with a minor in English. If I could stare at the code and figure things out, a whole lot of other folks certainly could have. I wrote F-Code roms for PowerPC and Intel EFI since. Me (and my old friend Arti) and Netkas. That's it.

So, yes, "bizarr".
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