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Author Topic: 7xxx rom creating test.  (Read 761588 times)

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« Reply #660 on: April 01, 2019, 04:52:36 PM »

Hi guys, I was able to successfully flash an MSI R9 270x Gaming 2GB with the instructions in this topic, combined with a different patched efi.
Before flashing, the card was working fine in a 2009 Mac Pro (4,1 flashed to 5,1), with MacOS 10.14.4 and Mac firmware As I understood, this firmware als enables 5.0 GT/s mode, so no R17 hack needed.
Card was detected as AMD Radeon HD 7xxx. Both DVI outputs working, unable to test HDMI and Displayport because I don’t have matching monitors or adapters.
I needed boot screens because I want to enable Filevault on my boot drive.

Started with the instructions and files from the first post in this topic. I flashed one of the roms (this card has dual roms, one legacy and one hybrid (legacy+UEFI)).
Boot the system, and yes! Boot screen on the bottom DVI. Was a happy puppy for about 15 seconds, because when the system (10.14.4) loaded the driver at login screen, all went black. Tried both DVI outputs, both black. Reverted the rom, and patched&flashed the other rom on the card. No difference.
I could access the system through screen sharing though, system profiler showed the card correctly as a 7950, so why was it not working?
Read some more, and I understood that this could be a framebuffer/port layout issue (maybe in combination with Metal/Mojave?)
So..I got either a card with boot screen but not working in the OS, or one without boot screen but working in the OS with the default RadeonFramebuffer.

Then I found this post in the Radeon Port mapping topic.
Here Fl0r!an posted an efi file with a purposely broken framebuffer. Theoretically, if I understand well, this causes the OS to not recognize the framebuffer set by the efi, and instead use the default RadeonFramebuffer.
I used the commands from the first post to patch my rom, but using Florian's RFB.efi instead of 7950mac.efi.
Flashed the rom, and it’s working! Boot screen on the bottom DVI (not on the top DVI, and HDMI and DisplayPort untested). When booted into the OS, both DVI ports are working. Again, HDMI and DisplayPort untested.

So I’m very happy, but still a question:
- The card now shows up as AMD Radeon HD 7xxx (Type DisplayController, with driver loaded) and AMD Radeon 7970 (Type ATY,HamachoParent, with no driver loaded). Where I think 'Hamacho' is where Florian changed 'Hamachi' to ‘disable’ the framebuffer.
Is there any disadvantage of it showing up also as a 7970? Probably because the RFB.efi was based an a 7970, but since (I think) it’s not used when the system is booted, it’s no problem? Everything seems to be working ok. Or could there be an advantage by patching 7950mac.efi the same way Florian did, and using that?

Rom and screenshots attached.

* (87.8 KB - downloaded 15 times.)

* Screenshot1.png (121.67 KB, 793x548 - viewed 50 times.)

* Screenshot2.png (135.98 KB, 793x548 - viewed 43 times.)

* Screenshot3.png (127.43 KB, 793x548 - viewed 38 times.)

* Screenshot4.png (126.36 KB, 793x548 - viewed 38 times.)
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