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Author Topic: Dead Mac Pro 2009. Possible to reflash EFI with flash tool?  (Read 27444 times)
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« on: March 20, 2018, 06:05:45 PM »

So it has happened.

Mac Pro 2009, black screen no boot chime
- Upgraded with 5.1 firmware
- Tested with two different CPU cards, both verified working in other machine (4.1)
- Removed everything, unplugged power, pressed powerbutton for 30 sec
- Swapped in new battery for clock, measured 3.3V
- Tried starting with empty chassie (removed WiFi, GPU, CPU, HDD..)
- Tried starting with no disk
- Tried 3 different GPUs
- Tried removing wi-fi
- Tried holding power button to enter EFI upgrade mode but LED will not start flashing
- Caps lock LED will not light on the keyboard
- Shorting the SYS RST on the Mainboard will not reboot machine
- GPU LED not on when DIAG button is pressed
- Tried swapping in known working PSU

The machine died when processor was swapped, but its nothing wrong with processor, ram or CPU board as it (the whole tray) works in other machine.
- Verified CPU tray working in other macine
- Verified RAM working in other machine
- Verified PSU working in other machine
- Verified GPU GTX680 working in other machine
- Verified HDD working, boots in other machine

- Diagnostic LEDs shows PSU green, +5V amber, and SYS PG green.
- EFI diagnosis LED not on
- White LED on powerbutton shows constant white light
- If i remove some RAM white LED will start flashing, so something is working.

Disks spin, fans spin, but no signal at all to the screen, no boot chime, no nothing.

Pretty much boils everything down to the main board, or does anyone have other conclusions?

I have an idea about this, that it could possibly be the EFI that got corrupted.

Any good ideas, anyone who had similar problem, anyone who can solve this?

Pizza and beer for the answer who brings it up to life again!

Found this, anyone ever tried? (desoldering, reprogramming EFI chip on mac)

ebay seller for EFI Chip 2010 Mac Pro:

I would really like som advice, and to know what kind of equipment i would need to reprogram the EFI when its still on the board. I know some people do this on MacBook, so i know it should be possible.

The programmers i find on Ebay does not program the specific EFI chip on Mac Pro.

I know there is people on this board that has good knowledge about reprogramming these chips, if i get some pointers on where to start i will make a writeup about it here on this board.


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