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Author Topic: iMac 24-inch 2006 Nvidia 7300GT DDR2 MXM partially working  (Read 6263 times)

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« on: August 22, 2017, 06:29:56 AM »

I know this is unit is old but I think at current market prices of Apple replacement MXM ranging from $89-180 upwards is to much just to reuse the unit. I'm seeking assistance from anyone who has any idea how to make this work. The card I am using is an HP FX560M 256MB DDR2 ($10-20), original eeprom was removed and replaced with 128KB eeprom. Flashed with last bios update for the 7300GT DDR2 EFI ROM that was used for the Mac Pro 1,1 (efi3452-345.rom). I have it partially working in an iMac 24-inch but there is no display coming out of the external mini-dvi output or if I install the built-in LCD. Partially working because OSX Lion boots properly and I can remotely access the iMac via Screen Sharing.
What I have tried are the following (I flash roms directly to the eeprom using a CH341A Mini Programmer)

1. Flashed efi3467-473u.rom (Apple 7600GT 256MB GDDR3) result is display garbled, OSX Lion does not boot. 
2. Flashed efi3467-473vz.rom (Apple 7300GT 128MB GDDR3) result is display garbled, OSX Lion does not boot.
3. Flashed efi3452-345.rom (Apple 7300GT 256MB DDR2 for MP) result is no display, OSX Lion boots. Device ID: 0x0398 (7600GO) detected as per OSX.   
4. Edited timings of efi3467-473u.rom and copied from efi3452-345.rom, result is display garbled, OSX Lion does not boot.

All mentioned roms can be extracted from Apple support site "Graphics Firmware Update 1.0 (iMac and Mac Pro) compatibility with Windows 7" link below

* efi3452-348.rom (105.5 KB - downloaded 423 times.)
* efi3467-473u.rom (110.5 KB - downloaded 387 times.)
* efi3467-473vz.rom (110.5 KB - downloaded 404 times.)
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