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Author Topic: Thoughts about notebook + gpu possibilities  (Read 11042 times)
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« on: December 31, 2016, 03:49:20 PM »

Hey guys, I know that it is not the forum for hackintosh. I am just trying to think in a new way to work with MacOS in a laptop. I am just thinking aloud.
Currently, the disadvantages  of the new MacBook Pro retina 2016 are the following:
-  Limited hardware with no chances of upgrade. Like someone said here is like a big iPad now. It is really bad now.
-  Maximum of  16 GB of RAM.
-  Very expensive for its features.

Having said that, I was trying to find something similar,  and after doing a lot of research, I find out that the best way to go is that DELL XPS 15" (or Dell precision 5000 15" which is pretty much the same with more options to configure),  which performs the following features:
-  Similar hardware specs. Including thunderbolt 3.  Giving us the possibility to connect an external graphics card.
-  Premium hardware quality. Small bezel and a nice 4K screen. Beautiful finish.
-  upgrade/update/maintenance  possibilities. Maximum of 32 Gb of RAM. Change to different SSD. Native wifi cards...
-  Much cheaper.

I have seen several attempts to make it works in macOS in several forums  throughout Internet, in a very successful way like:
EDIT NEW LINK (the other was removed):

The only drawback that I seen is the lack of the use of the internal graphics card.  Just being able to enable the Intel graphics card.  But I think that  it shouldn't bother too much because of the possibility to connect an external graphics card via thunderbolt 3.

I have been an Apple user since long time ago, having original Apple products like mac pro or MacBook Pro.
Since the new Mac Pro was released, I would prefer to have a hackintosh as a desktop (because of the bad upgrade possibilities), and a MacBook Pro as a notebook. But now I'm just thinking to explore different possibilities. Having now the ability to connect an external graphic card to a notebook I think that the need of a desktop is pretty much useless unless you need to perform a really high CPU workload tasks.

I have currently a MacBook Pro retina early 2013 I was thinking to update it in a year or so, and I don't know what to do as the new MacBook Pro retina 2016 is not really appealing for me. The thing is I do like macOS,  and for me windows is not an option.

I am sure, that most of you will not think in the same way I am thinking, I'm just trying to expose my thoughts, and get your feedback.

Please don't get it in a bad way i'm not trying to harass anyone.

Sorry for my English as is not my native language.

Thanks guys.
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« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2017, 06:31:08 PM »

I am really sad. It looks like no one is interested about what I said. I am sure you have enough reasons for it, I just wanted to know about it.

Thanks anyway.

P.S: By the way, there is another revision of the Dell XPS 15 (the 9560) with Kaby Lake and internal graphics gtx 1050 4gb (and same with the Dell Precision with a quadro card) which is about to be release. Useless though if there is no interest.
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