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 on: December 25, 2018, 02:12:35 AM 
Started by Sir_Lyoshyk - Last post by BriamOxype
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 on: December 24, 2018, 10:34:36 PM 
Started by Rominator - Last post by Spacedust
These cards are useless for Mac - no even able to boot Windows 7 in any mode with them.

 on: December 23, 2018, 04:24:30 PM 
Started by jamall007 - Last post by edgerider
I think I found an interesting link to the x-serve technician manual :

in this manuals a block diagram clearly show that the serial port on the back is indeed connected to the smc and the eeprom containing the firmware...
look page 16....

 on: December 23, 2018, 02:14:35 PM 
Started by jamall007 - Last post by edgerider

so yes i can confirm someone at MR got a xserve 3.1 booting just fine with 5.1 firmware 140.0 and two x5690, and successfully revert back to xs3.1 firmware and x55xx processor.

the only thing that was not working was the LOM and hhd led .

We were about to get tve very precious help of someone there, but one other member used one of his idea as « his » so he got pissed and decline helping, which i gess is understandable...

sorry for my noob question but what do you think is the best strategie :
inject X3.1 lom function in cMp5.1 v140.0 firmware?
inject cMp5.1 cpu microcode/nvme boot and so on in xs3.1 firmware...


compare the two firmware side by side and look for differences ?

the guy on MR that was able to modify firmware also told me that « only apple had a special way to access the firmware update via ethernet boot... »

he also said that the only way to modify the firmware without bricking the xserve was to build a breakout board to connect the LCP+sip connector to capture what was going on during the boot to debug...

other than that they have found the soic8 chip in the mobo but no one can explain me why you need to have access to the LCP+Sip to unbrick a mobo with a bugged firmware...

dont a soic clip dont do exactly the same?

merry xmas and hollydays to all of you!

 on: December 22, 2018, 06:06:58 AM 
Started by blacksheep - Last post by zirkaiva
I got Gigabyte R9 280X 3GB WINDFORCE OC REV2. I have to use the hybrid ROM for Win 10 in EFI mode, right? Will the ebc flashed bios let me boot Windows 10 EFI or do I have to switch to the original hybrid UEFI bios?

 on: December 21, 2018, 11:21:26 AM 
Started by forbiddenera - Last post by forbiddenera
I now also have a 960..

but no one wants to help Sad

only MVC seems to have roms :/

 on: December 18, 2018, 12:39:08 PM 
Started by jamall007 - Last post by edgerider
sorry for late reply i dont come here very often.

so basically someone over there did boot a xs3.1 just fine with macpro 5.1 140.0 firmware but he lost hardware xserve fonctionality such as led planel on front here is what he say :

Here it is ... Hope that can help, I already flashed it with a MacPro 5.1 even with boot room 140.0 booted fine showed as a MacPro 5.1 and I could put 6 core and 12 core same thing as the Mac Pro. Now you lose the Hard Drive led's activity, and the front panel led too, so I did revert back to Xserve original rom 2009, Installed Sierra, and High Sierra on the other, Got back the LED HD's activity nice I love it, and I managed also to bring back the LED front Panel ... Where It used to be a time where the front panel was working OOB under the Snow and Lion 10.7.5 era with Server install, but I found a way to run the LED's even under ML, Mavericks and UP to High Sierra...

so i don’t understand if he had remove the 6 core and put back the 4 core to boot into xs3.1 firmaware, or if reverting to x3.1 actually kept the processor compatibility....
pending on his reply...

 on: December 17, 2018, 07:04:15 PM 
Started by netkas - Last post by SMIKX
Hi there Smiley

I've got crazy problem with my HIS IceQ Radeon 7950 3GB.

At beginning I wish to say I've successfully done flash MIS 7850 and PowerColor 7950.

So with IceQ problem is.... fans full on (because I guess in Windows it is say no reading temperature which shows 0 degree) - but I got Apple Boot Logo and works great in macOS and Windows - just fans full on - no matter if with UEFI or without.

Then I got BIOS from...... my other IceQ (same looking and same model) but with little bit different CRC checksum - and... fans become quiet on this BIOS - ....... BUT it does not boot to macOS - and to be more crazy - it is booting to Windows! And again - does not matter if with or without UEFI.

At the moment I've stuck with BIOS switch 1: Apple Boot Logo and fans full on and BIOS switch 2: quiet fans BUT able to boot to Windows only.

I've downloaded even official BIOS from       no success

i had the same card  .. until it died earlier this year. Nice ! Best cooling solution I've seen. Flashed nicely.

1.   Set the BIOS switch to position  2 ( right side )
2.   DUMP and SAVE the ROM from position 2 eg :  HIS 7960 Pos 2 dumped ROM

3.   Flash the HIS again with your modified EFI MODIFIED rom

It should now work as intended.

If you STILL have problems .. PM me.  My ROM definitely worked flawlessly with  my HIS 7950.

 on: December 16, 2018, 10:46:36 AM 
Started by jamall007 - Last post by Rominator
yeah, i'd love to but they tossed me out for correctly arguing that the nMP 6,1 was a turd with no upgrade path

i was right, the moron who drives around with Five Flats was 100% wrong, but i won't ever post there again

anyhow, did someone try my quick and dirty "flash it as 5,1" method?

i got the cable to connect boards together but not found time

 on: December 16, 2018, 10:42:16 AM 
Started by blacksheep - Last post by Rominator
on 1,1 or 2,1 there is no reason to touch r17

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