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 on: February 08, 2021, 07:36:45 PM 
Started by netkas - Last post by bjbNYC
Just adding to the thread a successful flash of a Gigabyte R9 270X 2GB card using Win10 boot camp'd on a MacPro3,1.

Used script at the head of this thread, pulled the existing ROM with AmdVbFlashWin.exe, ran the script on the Mac with the 7950 EFI, flashed the resulting ROM to the card under Win10.

Setup was that I had two displays on both DVI connectors; bottom was primary. Only problem is that top DVI connector no longer works (bottom is fine), so had to move 2nd screen to Display Port connector (using a DP->DVI adapter) and now I have a second display again, though it picks that up as the primary during boot time now.

Able to get Command-V during boot time to work (i.e. see scrolling boot messages), but haven't been able to get Option key to show Windows partition to work for some reason; still have to use a 'bless' script to get into Windows, but probably has nothing to do with flashing.

Anyway, letting the world know this worked since I've found NO reference to this particular card anywhere for this activity.

Thanks to the people who made this tool!

 on: December 22, 2020, 03:28:56 AM 
Started by MacEFIRom - Last post by Zlobnick
Hi I have attempted to use the 2206-2207 firmware update tool, but i just get an error when it attempts to download the files to make the RAM disk.  Is this now an outdated tool? Is there any other way i can do it.
MacPro1,1 with 2.66 quad Xeons 16gb Ram, 

Same here. Guess the download links are broken so the tool cannot reach the necessary files. Any workaround? I guess the links could be remapped to some other web server using the hosts file to mask the domain, but how to get to those files? And which files are needed anyway? Smiley

 on: November 18, 2020, 07:52:35 PM 
Started by Fl0r!an - Last post by xbomber2002
To Fl0r!an
Hi, i jus bought a Sapphire R9 270X 2GB Dual-X for my Mac Pro 5,1 (E271 CURACAO XT GDDR5 64Mx32 2GB 150e/150m, DevID: 0x6810) and i need to flash it for mac EFI boot. By using the default bundle from netkas (,5619.0.html) and following his guide, i partially succeed. Although EFI is working and the boot menu is showing by pressing the alt key, i cannot go further than that. If i boot Mojave or catalina (apfs partition) i get a black screen in the last stage when the OS try to load the graphic extension. Also only one DVI port is working but no problem it’s enough for me.
I would be pleased if you can PM me a working modified ROM fitting my card configuration.
I see in another forum that someone had success in flashing his card by executing the script from an « upgraded » netkas bundle2 where the efiromheader is replaced by one called "efiromheader_7950.rom". Unfortunately no way to find this upgraded bundle2 in the net. Any advise is welcome.Thanks in advance.
PS: My card with his original pc bios work perfectly with acceleration in Mojave apart the inconvenience of not being able to manage the pre/early boot stage (no EFI boot screen)

 on: November 14, 2020, 05:08:46 PM 
Started by Rominator - Last post by FlorisVN
interessting, seems more and more roms for iMac compatible cards are being dumped here :

 on: November 14, 2020, 12:36:22 AM 
Started by Rominator - Last post by Spacedust
New driver:

 on: November 10, 2020, 01:23:55 PM 
Started by netkas - Last post by Bunga-Bunga
Please attach all your rom-files. I'll have a look.

 on: October 29, 2020, 04:08:21 PM 
Started by netkas - Last post by Lxixboss
Talk about necro...

Anyway, I am running a 2009 Mac Pro 4.1 that has been flashed to 5.1... currently running Catalina 10.15.7... all is good.
Video card is a PCS HD 7870 and I cannot seem to generate the efi rom correctly. Here is what I am doing and perhaps someone can point out what I am doing wrong.

1- Latest JDK is installed
2- Downloaded netkas bundle, and placed all files from that bundle into the root level of the Mac's user account.
3- Ran GPUz from windows and got device id (679E)
4- Used ATI Winflash to save original ROM as cardname.rom in the same directory
5- Ran the script replacing the device ID with the 679E retrieved with GPUz.
6- Here is the script I ran and the output I got in Terminal:
./ --efifile=7950mac.efi --romfile=efiromheader.rom --originalrom=cardname.rom --devid=679E
running on 7950mac.efi, efiromheader.rom with devid 679E
Patching files 7950mac.efi, efiromheader.rom for device-id 0x679E
Successfully patched efi file
Successfully patched efi rom file
./ line 42: /Users/user/EfiCompress.macosx: Bad CPU type in executable
dd: 7950mac.efi.comp: No such file or directory
EFI part is ready at 679E.efipart.rom
orig size - 65536
65536+0 records in
65536+0 records out
65536 bytes transferred in 0.359645 secs (182224 bytes/sec)
rm: 7950mac.efi.comp: No such file or directory
OpRom (size=65536, indicator_offset=0x235, indicator=0x0, checksum=0x80)
OpRom (size=48128, indicator_offset=0x31, indicator=0x80, checksum=0x0)
RawData (size=17408)

OpRom (size=65536, indicator_offset=0x235, indicator=0x0, checksum=0x80)
OpRom (size=48128, indicator_offset=0x31, indicator=0x80, checksum=0x83)
RawData (size=17408)
the rom is ready at cardname.rom.efi.rom

So, the script seems to report three errors. The first one is:
./ line 42: /Users/user/EfiCompress.macosx: Bad CPU type in executable

The second one (in the very next line) is:
dd: 7950mac.efi.comp: No such file or directory

The third error, a few lines later, seems to be an echo of the second:
rm: 7950mac.efi.comp: No such file or directory

I also note that the sizes of both ROMs seem to be the same.

When I reflash the card in Windows with ATI Winflash, it still works but there is no boot screen.

While I am by no means adept in coding, I do have eyes. When I open both the original ROM and the post-script ROM side by side in a text editor, it seems that both ROMs are the same except for the very end where what seems to have been a bunch of placeholders in the original ROM has been replaced by a header of some sort containing copyright information and not much else. (If someone wants me too, I can post the different section of the ROM).

I am, however, expecting one of the gurus on this site to quite easily spot a dumb mistake that I have made and quite simply point me in the right direction. Keeping my fingers crossed up here in Canada.

 on: September 26, 2020, 04:48:27 PM 
Started by Rominator - Last post by vgermax
New driver:

 on: August 17, 2020, 08:04:29 PM 
Started by toke lahti - Last post by Spacedust
5500 will work just fine.

 on: August 16, 2020, 04:12:20 PM 
Started by toke lahti - Last post by toke lahti
....and problem solved!
Somehow nvidia's webdrivers were dropped off.
Installing them again with PW and now I can order 5500 and use my apple-adapter.

Now just to find a nice cheap mechanical dp switch, so I can check easily what's happening in old mini2012...

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