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Title: Dual 680's Mac Edition cards and Windows/Bootcamp
Post by: mristau on November 02, 2013, 06:33:35 AM
I thought I was replicating a Mac Pro 5,1 dual 680 system described over in the MacRumors forum:

BUT I mistakenly purchased 680 Mac Edition cards. Which work fine in OS 10.9 but not in Windows8.1/Bootcamp. In Windows with one card all is OK but both cards in place will not boot.
Booting Windows with both cards with Option startup and selecting my Windows drive just freezes. If I set startup to Windows drive I get a minute or less disk drive activity and forever a white screen. (Like it doesn't know what to do.)

Might the bios flash described here (

make my off-the-shelf Mac Edition 680's more compatible with Windows??

Thanks! for any suggestions.