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Title: Want to register and don't wait for activation very long? READ THIS
Post by: netkas on May 15, 2012, 04:05:27 PM
Registration is fixed, for old account still waiting for activation request new activation code.

I have many emails or comment posts in blog about users asking to activate their account since it wasnt activated automaticaly.

This happens because this forum uses stopforumspam solution, it helps a lot, but one of its filters is username.

And most people asking me to activate them used very simple usernames, which is commonly used by spambots.

So, if u dont want to be automaticaly flagged as spambot and then wait weeks for activation - choose complicated nickname, and you will be fine.

In worst case, if approval wasn't done after 3 days, write me an email by answering approval notice email.

Anti-spam measurements: you can create new topic after having 5 forum posts