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Title: kernel_task takes 1 core to 100% , somehow related to sleep
Post by: mb2k on April 08, 2008, 06:27:16 PM
After returning from sleep it seems a task called kernel_task takes 1 core of cpu to it's MAX ,
i get it everytime i exit sleep and sometimes when exiting from vmware ,
i'm using totaly vanilla 10.5.2 osx (except natit , AppleHDA and netkas SMBIOS ) with all updates installed .
my HW is BadAxe2 and 2600HD
what i relized is that if i restart into Vista and enter sleep there then when i return to osx the the kernel_task is not occopying the core , otherwise it does - so it's like osx wait's for something after sleep and kill's core while doing that .

any idea is welcome