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Title: Congratulations to Rastafabi !
Post by: Rominator on May 19, 2017, 10:35:36 AM
A guy at the new eGPU board wrote a new app that shows what can be done when someone honestly puts in the effort.

I haven't actually tried his app, but reports are it works well for those stuck with non-EFI eGPUs.

I tried to congratulate him but, par for the course, my post vanished and I got banned. Just like back at Tech Inferno, someone didn't learn his lesson about heavy handed editorializing via the "delete" key. (He's been banned at 2 eGPU boards now)

Anyhow, there will soon be better options but very nice that this guy stepped forward and created some forward momentum.And he's welcome to PM me here if he'd like to know a little more about the folks he's working with.