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Title: Help with 15" tMBP with 460 and Razer Core with GTX 970 in MacOS
Post by: ualwayslose on December 02, 2016, 03:08:33 PM

I posted earlier I could get bootcamp working with my tMBP 15" but I would like to run in MacOS.

Does anyone have any luck with this getting a 15" dGPU model to run with an eGPU?

I have done the TB3 enabler script, but I cannot get the Automate eGPU script to run since the build models are different. I attempted running the .kext edits and then installing the latest Nvidia Web Driver but it still doestn work. I modded another .Kext after the install to change the build number to what I have in 10.12.1 and I can choose Nvidia Web Driver on boot, however I still do not get a display from the Razer Core.

Any help would be appreciated!