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Title: nMP eGPU
Post by: Rominator on November 20, 2015, 05:37:53 AM
Some numbers coming soon !

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: Rominator on February 24, 2016, 02:45:07 AM
Noticed that one of the Circus Clowns has implied that I didn't really do this.

Funny, I've never been accused of lying before, unlike some others on that site...

I'll fire the thing up and run some newer ones, I also managed to get the only Mac so far to pass the Occulus Rift test, that I know of.

Hardly worth lying about.

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: v3nom on February 25, 2016, 06:34:35 PM
Hardly worth lying about.

Worth sharing how to?

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: Rominator on February 27, 2016, 02:34:04 AM
Hardly worth lying about.

Worth sharing how to?

Sure thing.

Soon as goalie tells the truth.

I'll do a complete "How To"

And let me expound upon that.

More than a year ago I started posting at that board. I had made exciting discoveries, ways to make many cards they were having trouble with work.

One way was through writing new EFIs for the cards. Netkas found another way via modding system files. He decided to create an app that was $20 to create custome files for your Mac.

The guys at TI had been trying to solve this issue for some time. Goalie was convinced the answer lay in the "IntelAzulFramebuffer" (It didn't)

I announced that we were going to start a staggered release of our discoveries, and that it would depend on how much respect was given for our efforts as to how much and how soon. Goalie ignored this warning.

Within 24 hours of Netkas releasing his app (which he had spent much time researching and writing) Goalie announced that he had made an AMAZING DISCOVERY ! It turned out he had PM'd one of Netkas first customers to find out how the app worked.

And then he incorporated it into his own app and handed it out for FREE!

Everyone likes free, but FREE doesn't get lots of work done. So, we stopped. We stopped releasing all of the things we found and know. And that's when the eGPU discoveries stopped. We have a GTX670 that you can toss in a TB enclosure and connect to a 2014 Mini and not only does it show bootscreens, IT BOOTS INTO OSX WITHOUT A SINGLE SYSTEM FILE MOD. A truly turn key solution.

We also have a Titan-X that shows boot screens and works well with Mini. I sent it to Barefeats but noplace else.

I found how to make a Titan work as eGPU on nMP in Windows. Still the only one to do this. And I have no incentive to share the info since I know Goalie will simply lie, cheat, and steal, as he has already done.

Have a look at his latest defensive post. He blathers on, spouts reams of gibberish, and says NOTHING. It is literally a bunch of mealy mouthed nonsense meant to fool the foolish. He knows how to write a script. He doesn't have any idea beyond that.

The irony is that in his own eagerness to be "The Hero" and move eGPU forward, he only succeeded at the first goal. He made himself a hero, and stalled eGPU development as a result.

So, if you would like eGPU development moving forward again, ask the code kiddie to come clean.

Title: With Fury Nano
Post by: Rominator on February 27, 2016, 01:17:04 PM

As usual, while others make excuses, Netkas and I make progress.

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: netkas on February 27, 2016, 09:42:58 PM
When you've got R9 Nano ?

Great results.

Little nano has same amount of compute power as two D700, much greater than two D300.

btw, common mistake, it's jsut R9 Nano, not R9 Fury Nano.

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: v3nom on February 29, 2016, 11:34:30 PM
so… it's a "no"  ::)

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: Rominator on March 15, 2016, 10:51:27 PM
so… it's a "no"  ::)

Up to the Tech Charlatan, he comes clean, I post how to get a Titan running on a nMP in Win 8 less than 24 hours after a full & complete confession.

Here's a few more cards I tried out in 6,1 in Windows:

A 290X/390X:

And a 7970/R9 280X:

(shows why 290X is rec'd for Occulus)

Good news ! Getting AMD cards to run in nMP in Windows is super easy. Like falling out of bed.

And I will be releasing another eGPU "secret" tonight. I have attached an image as a tease. When you realize what an obvious and easy thing has been overlooked, well, worth a laugh or two. And will give the enterprising types something to investigate. Those who prefer to copy & paste their "discoveries" from elsewhere need not apply.

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: AlexMacPro on April 07, 2016, 09:59:08 AM
Help me please!
i have had Error 12 code when i'm trying to connect Geforce 980 card to my nMP in windows.
Thanks for any help.

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: Rominator on April 07, 2016, 10:51:13 AM
Goalque holds the key.

He just needs to post it.

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: AlexMacPro on April 07, 2016, 11:31:38 AM
how can we affect him? ??? :)

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: Rominator on April 08, 2016, 07:41:39 AM
how can we affect him? ??? :)

It's a sad situation.

The useful eGPU discoveries have come from Netkas and myself.

Goalie has shown that he can type scripts together.  What should have happened was that he should have worked a partnership out where he negotiated the release of his free version in exchange for doing tech support and app updates. His narcissistic need to take credit for things he didn't discover has put a rather large shadow on the Apple eGPU future. The version we released first was a clumsy, crude hack. And that is the one he took credit for and is using to this day. We have much better ones, we had them a year ago. Had he behaved like an decent and honest person, the Mac eGPU scene would be miles ahead of where it is now. Netkas and I can only test on the machines we have. We have had eGPU running on nMP in Windows for months now. In a community with respect for authorship, we could have perfected this tech to run multiple GPUs on nMP by now.

He created the impression that he was the Hero of Mac eGPU when in fact he has been the opposite. His presence and grandiose claims have held it back, quite a bit. My experience with narcissists is that you can't reason with them. Their desire to seem important is much larger than any voice of logic or reason in their heads. So, sadly, the Apple eGPU world will remain held in the dark ages by the very person who has poised himself as their savior.

Ask him to tell the truth, can't hurt to ask.

It's in his hands to let progress start again, or keep holding it back for his ego.

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: ClassicMartini on April 11, 2016, 12:11:34 PM
Well, we're in a real bind then.

Any noob (i include myself in that) will google around for eGPU and a particular GTX (or amd) and TI will come up top of the list.

Because, they have (on the surface) easy to use "how to's", and friendly, if misguiding and/or dishonest responses.

Irrespective of their morality, they are getting a LOT of the eGPU traffic, I've been lurking through your site (using search to clue up) and my initial impression is netkas is for the "pro's", folks who understand all the stuff on 'rom's', 'ioreg' etc, while TI appears - on the surface -  very user friendly (don't rant, hear me out, please).

No one is going to go over to TI and say "Hey Goalie, you're a so and so, come clean" because they'll be... banned from the only resource a beginner can use.

Even though we TOTALLY agree with your position, and completely emphasise with your position. (I run my own business, and know - all too well - the pain of being ripped off for my time).

It's completely your right to adopt the stance you have, but do you think you'll EVER get TI to admit guilt? Or have anyone else act as your proxy for the same result?

Meanwhile, they are gaining critical mass.


Fight fire with fire.

Make your forum MUCH more user friendly. Fix the login issue. Get a different back end template - yes, a makeover, especially mobile optimised.  Have "DIY" builds section with SUCCESS stories, encourage more discussion, bring the noobs on board, ETC, ie make netkas the place for eGPU. As it rightly should be.

You're the smartest guys on the block.

Everyone should know it.

Title: Re: nMP eGPU
Post by: Spacedust on July 07, 2016, 05:45:22 PM
And it's clean again ;)