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Title: Flash for GTX 750 ti boot screen
Post by: elsocko on August 10, 2015, 11:49:52 PM
I'm not seeing any mentions of a flash for GTX 750 ti boot screen. Is there such a beast?

Title: Re: Flash for GTX 750 ti boot screen
Post by: Sebinouse on August 12, 2015, 04:17:49 PM
This time nvidia hasn't released any maxwell cards for Mac. So you wont find any public roms for maxwell.

MCV ( flashes/sells 750ti with EFI ROM (BootScreen on non-4k monitors).
So it is possible ... and not so expensive ($80.00 / $225.00) but it's absolutely not funny  ;D.

What needs to be done is more or less the same as for GTX770 (,8809.0.html) :

Primary challenge is changing device I'd in BIOS and EFI.

Modern Nvidia EFI has 5 functional sections.

1. InFoRom image
4. Some weird section
5. Security certificate

All 5 sections need to match for card to work in Mac and Windows.

Probably easier to start learning on Fermi as they only had 2 parts but many
EFI changes and BIOS changes are similar.

I will give a warning, with KEPLER and Maxwell if you make changes to rom that are t properly reflected in the InFoRom inage, it may let you flash the card into a non-functional state but then not let you flash it back, giving the message "failed to merge inforom image". If you do not have means to erase EEPROM you have created a "brick".

Better to start with Fermi.

GTX750ti PC Bios (Maxwell) : Link (
GTX680 Mac Bios (Fermi): Link (,5709.msg19644.html#msg19644)
GTX680 PC Bios (Fermi): Link (

I'm also interested in this feature, I will give a closer look later on ...